For a fandom full of such love, I’m seeing some seriously unnecessary American hatred. Come on ladies.

It will bring attention to the series either way. All I’ve wanted to do is scream from the rooftops telling people how amazing it is and how people are seriously missing out by not watching it. Isn’t that exactly what this will do? Bring attention to the wonderful show we already love?

To me, criticisms about casting, etc at this point seem, well, pointless. The story and characters are pretty universal. That is why there is already an international fanbase. That is why we see ourselves relating to the show, across the age spectrum.

I’m not interested in having a “yeah told you it was shit, UK is so much better” attitude before I even see what they can do with it. (Not denying the sentiment though, for the record. There are several US shows I’ve ignored but watched their UK predecessors.) The show’s messages could be seriously beneficial to an American audience. That is worth giving it a fair shot.

I understand why you are upset, but don’t damn it to hell.