I have this black/navy dress that I bought a few months ago online, but didn’t like the way it was tight across my back (roll) area since the fabric is on the clingy side… I’ve lost some weight since then  & decided to be brave and wear it to work today. One of our professors just complimented me on it, the style, design, neckline. I mean- it wasn’t just a normal passing by “I like your dress” comment. Score. A win for confidence.

Woke up laughing… I had a dream that my brother and I were at the movies, and we were changing seats as the theater was filling up. I thought it would be cool to jump over this railing to get down to another row of seats, except I’m not athletic and I didn’t clear the landing and ended up on the ground with my left leg still caught on the rail… so I look into the crowd of moviegoers to see who saw, and Hannah Hart (mydrunkkitchen) was sitting there with her bright blonde hair, snapback, and snack looking at me as she mouthed “that was really bad” and laughing a little. Then she stood up a little and motioned for me to go over. My brother said “where are you going?” and I told him “to talk to Harto” and I walked over and suddenly the theater was really loud? I can’t remember what I said to her but she nodded and told me “That was hilarious, but I’m glad you’re okay”

Embarrassing myself even in my sleep.
Dreams are weird.